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We provide an Emergency 24 hour Infection Control Service using our proven procedures and the latest cleaning technology to help create a safe and healthy environment for Businesses and Organisations across Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the South Of England.

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Virus Disinfection Service

At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning our Infection Control Specialists provide an Emergency 24 Hour Infection Control and Virus Disinfection service to a wide range of Businesses and Organisations across Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout The South Of England.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the recent restrictions imposed the service we provide has never been more essential. If you are worried that your Business Premises have been contaminated out team will carry out a full deep clean and fully disinfect the areas to eliminate the virus and stop the threat of the infection spreading.

Our highly trained Infection Control Specialists have a wealth of knowledge in Infection Control Outbreak situations and We use our proven procedures, the most effective chemicals and the latest industry technologies to quickly and safely remove harmful bacteria and stop the spread of dangerous infections and viruses making sure that we create a safe environment for your staff and your customers.

Before we carry out any work our experience Infection Control Specialists will carry out a full risk Assessment looking at all areas of your workplace that may be at risk and will then provide a throrough Deep Cleaning service to ensure you adhere to all the latest legislations.

Our Company Director Darren Price has a wealth of knowledge in Infection Control Situations and has worked with many local businesses to look at the potential Infection Control risks that are a danger in their working environments. This knowledge will help us assess the risks to your business and provide you with a cleaning and Infection Control Program that will be the most effective for your business.

As part of our service we carry out a full assessment which looks at potential areas of your business premises where harmful bacteria can accumulate including, ductwork and ventilation systems, desktops, work surfaces, door handles, light switches, computers and equipment, tables, chairs and much more.

We provide our Virus Disinfection and Infection Control services to a wide range of businesses including Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Gp Surgeries, Hospitals, Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Schools, Nurseries, Factories, Leisure Centres, Gyms, Retail Stores, Office Based Businesses and many more.

So whether it is providing our deep cleaning service to deep clean pubs and restaurants ,disinfecting and sterilising GP surgeries waiting rooms and treatment rooms or providing a large deep cleaning program for Schools and Nursuries we tailor of Deep Cleaning and Infection Control Service to meet your requirements.

We carry out our service either as a one off clean or on a regular basis. We provide a fully bespoke Deep Cleaning and Infection Control Service and we base around the needs of for your business.

At Pinnacle Cleaning our Infection Control and Virus Disinfection Experts use the latest Fogging Disinfection Technology. Through Fogging we are able to treat and disinfect both the surface and air. The Fogging process involves micro droplets of disinfection being dispersed into the air for around 10 minutes after application allowing us to fully disinfect all areas of your workplace. We use our Fogging tchnology alongside our proven conventional disinfection procedures to provide you with the deepest clean possible.

Our Deep Cleaning Procedures always follow 3 key stages of the decontamination process – Clean (removal of food source for bacteria) – Disinfect (eliminate all remaining bacteria & viruses) – Sterilise (making a safe Environment for all).

The Broad Spectrum Disinfectants that we use have been tested and kill all other enveloped single strand Viruses in that group. And although we feel it will work against covid-19 as it is a New virus until further testing has been carried out we can't guarantee that it will Kill Covid-19 at this present time.

Our Infection Control Experts are Fully trained and highly qualified with over 25 years experience. We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and The National Association Of Air Duct Specialists (NAAD) UK.

For more information about our specialist Infection Control and Virus Disinfection Service please Click Here or call us today on 0345 202 5757.