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Deep Cleaning Bournemouth

At Pinnacle Cleaning Services we provide a 24 Hour Emergency Deep Cleaning Bournemouth and Infection Control Service to Businesses and Organisations across Bournemouth, Poole and throughout Dorset.

We have been providing our Deep Cleaning and Infection Control services to both residential and commercial customers over the past 25 years. With the recent outbreak and the restrictions imposed after COVID-19 the Deep Cleaning and Infection Control Services that we provide have never been more essential. As part of our service our highly experienced Infection Control Specialists will carry out a full assessment of your working environment and then provide you with a cleaning program to ensure that you meet all current regulations and provide a safe environment for your staff and customers.

We combine our proven procedures with the most effective chemicals and the latest Industry equipment to eliminate the spread of infection including fogging machines, air scrubbers, thermal foggers and ozone generators to remove bacteria and eliminate odours.

Please see a range of some of the businesses that we help and some of the tasks that we carry out as part of Deep Cleaning Bournemouth and Infection Control service below:

  • Public Houses, Restaurants and Cafes - Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service will fully remove harmful bacteria in food preparation and public dinning areas. Our Ductwork Cleaning Specialists will fully remove harmful bacteria and airbourne particles and dust from air conditioning systems. We provide a Kitchen Extract System Cleaning Service to remove harmful grease deposits and a full Hygiene Clean for toilets and rest rooms to remove bacteria and unwelcome odours.

  • Care Homes and Retirement Homes - We provide a complete Deep Cleaning Service this includes deep cleaning many areas to ensure the removal of bacteria and germs and stop the spread of infection and viruses in Care Homes and Retirement Homes including our Ductwork and Ventilation Systems Cleaning Service to remove airbourne particles and dust from air conditioning systems, full Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Kitchen Extract Service to fully disinfect and sanitise kitchen food preparation areas and dinning areas and a Hygiene Cleaning Service for the disininfection of toilets, bedrooms, and communal areas.

  • Estate Agents, Letting Agents and Management Companies - End Of Tenancy Clean to ensure that properties are safe for new tenants and communal areas are hygienically clean. In addition to this we also provide a Deep Cleaning Service for Estate Agent branches to ensure the safety of staff and customers.
  • Office Based Businesses - We carry out a full assessment for office based businesses and then carry out cleans to effectively remove harmfull bacteria and the threat of dangerous infections. This includes a thorough clean of air conditioning systems, desktops, work surfaces, door handles, light switches, computers and equipment, tables, chairs, carpets and much more. We also provide a full disinfection service for toilets, washrooms, canteens, communal and high traffic areas.

  • Schools, Nurseries and play centres - We provide a full bespoke Deep Cleaning Service for Schools which can include deep cleaning of classrooms, dinner halls, equipment, changing rooms, air conditioning units, sports halls, corridors, staffrooms and many more. We provide a similar service for Nursuries and Play Centres which also includes disinfection of toys, books and all surfaces to create a safe environment for children and staff.

  • Hotels - We provide a fully dedicated Deep Cleaning Service for Hotels this includes a full disinfection and sanitising service for hotel rooms, hotel kitchens, air conditioning systems, dinning areas, toilets, bathrooms, confereance rooms, reception areas, communal areas, lifts and much more to ensure the safety of your guests and of your staff.
  • Retail Stores - We provide a full Deep Cleaning Service for retail stores this includes a full disinfection and sterilisation service for shop floors, showrooms, air conditioning units, stockrooms, staff rooms, changing rooms and all public areas to ensure the safety of your staff and your customers.

  • Leisure Centres & Gyms - We provide a dedicated Deep Cleaning and Infection Control Service for Gyms and Leisure Centres this includes air conditioning units, ventilation systems, fitness class areas, weight rooms, benches, fitness equipment, reception areas, toilets and changing rooms - all of these areas can be at risk for the accumulation of dangerous bacteria and the spread of dangerous viruses. We provide our service based around your requirements and we carry out a full Assessment to make sure you provide a safe and healthy environment for your members and staff.

  • Factories - Employees who were in Factories are often more at risk of the spread of dangerous infections as they work in close proximity. Our Deep Cleaning Service will fully disinfect work stations, kitchens, canteens, air conditioning systems, washrooms, changing areas and much more.

  • Local Councils & Transport Companies - We provide a full range of Deep Cleaning Services to local councils for the disinfection of offices and public toilets and other public areas including bus stops and local parks. We also provide our services to a wide range of public transport companies including Bus Stations and Railway Companies.

For more details about our specialist Deep Cleaning Bournemouth Services please Click Here or call our team today on 0345 202 5757.