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At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services we provide our Specialist Pigeon Droppings Removal services to a wide range of customers across Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the South Of England.

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Pigeon Droppings Removal

At Pinnacle Cleaning Services we provide a 24 hour emergency Pigeon Droppings Removal service to customers across Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, London, Bristol and throughout the UK.

Our highly skilled team have a wealth of experience in dealing with the safe removal of pigeon droppings from some of the worst effected surfaces and areas imaginable. We use our extensive cleaning remediation, sanitising decontamination procedures to fully recover these areas and eliminate the threat of Pigeon contamination.

It is vital that the removal of pigeon droppings is always carried out by a professional. Our Pigeon Droppings Removal service will fully remove any nests and droppings in the affected areas. The threat of disease can often be a huge problem as pigeons are often infested with many external parasites including mites, fleas,ticks and bugs. These bugs are capable of invading buildings from pigeon nests. Pigeons are also carriers of diseases including Salmonella. As a result we take great care in remediating and sanitising those areas affected by pigeon guano.

Our staff have years of experience and are fully trained in the removal of potentially infectious pigeon manure. One of the main areas of concern with pigeon manure is the threat of the contamination being spread within buildings by things like air ventilation systems and then being inhaled by people around the contaminated area.

There are a range of disaeases that can be caused if Pigeon Droppings are left untreated this includes Histoplasmosis which a disease caused by fungus and can be transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores from soil contaminated by pigeon droppings, Cryptococcsis which is a fungus disease which is caused by the accumulation of pigeon droppings and Psittacosis which is a rare disease that can be carried by pigeons.

If not removed correctly bird droppings can cause permanent damage to building structures and surfaces. The removal of harmful pigeon droppings is highly important for businesses and organisations who open their business premises up to their staff and the general public. It has been our pleasure to have provided our Pigeon Droppings Removal services to a wide range of customers including retail stores, schools, nursuries, churches, local councils, property management companies and many more.

Our team are highly experienced in removing pigeons from areas such as roofs, balcolnies, rooftop terraces, lofts and many other areas which are common for pigeons and other birds to nest in.

Our Pigeon Droppings Removal team follow a strict set of guidlines for the safe removal of pigeon dropping on every job that they carry out.

This starts with our team carrying out an initial inspection and risk assessment to ensure the protection of the building occupants and the public. Our staff will ensure the appropriate protection of the contamination site is carried out until the clean up work is completed.

Our team always look at the surrounding areas and make sure that they make the correct measures to avoid the threat of the contamination spreading. For example when a pigeon infestation site is located at or in an airstrean (air handling system) leading into a building that air supply should be turned off and tagged out of service.

When clean up work involves overhangs, soffits, cornices, parapets and the sides of buildings, it is necessary to protect the street and walkways from falling debris including water from the runoff of cleaning solutions and sprayers to the aerosolizing of pigeon, droppings, carcasses and nesting materials. When infestation involves an attic or room in a building where building occupants are living or working nearby, it is highly recommended to seal off and contain the contaminated area.

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