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With over 25 years experience our highly skilled and fully trained team provide a fully dedicated Commercial Cleaning and Specialist Cleaning service to a wide range of businesses and organisations across Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial Cleaning Bristol

At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services we provide a full Commercial Cleaning Bristol Service to a wide range of Businesses and Organisations across Bristol and throughout the surrounding areas.

Please see a range of Commercial Cleaning Brisol Services that we provide below:

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Ventilation Duct Cleaning
  • Pigeon Guano Removal
  • Flood Restoration
  • Fire Restoration
  • Infection Control Service
  • Fogging Disinfection
  • Graffiti Removal Service
  • Void Properties Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Sharps Removal & Needle Sweeps

Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning offer a Fully Audited Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service - used extensively by restaurants, cafes, hotels, public houses, takeaways, care homes, offices, universities, schools and hospitals on an individual or ongoing basis. As an operator of a food business under The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, it is a legal duty to keep both equipment and premises in a clean condition.

Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning's Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service will clean your kitchen to a recognised standard of cleanliness in line with UK regulations. Pinnacle's Kitchen Deep Cleaning techniques effectively sanitise all surfaces. We use eco-friendly products wherever possible and use the latest cutting-edge equipment to help with the removal of grease and carbon.

We provide a full Ventilation and Duct Cleaning Service through our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division. Our Ductwork Cleaning Division provide a professional and reliable Ventilation and Duct Cleaning Service to businesses across Bristol and throughout the UK. We offer offer a comprehensive 24 hour / 7 days a week call-out Ventilation and Duct Cleaning Service on all HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Cooling systems.

we provide a full Pigeon Guano Cleaning Service. With years of experience in dealing with guano site situations our extensive cleaning, remediation and sanitising procedures will enable us to fully recover areas that have been affected by pigeon contamination. Our Pigeon Guano Cleaning Service will fully remove any risk of disease caused by the habitation of pigeons by fully removing any nests and droppings in the affected areas.

We provide our 24 Hour Emergency Fire Restoration and Flood Damage Restoration Services to a large number of customers across Bristol and the surrounding areas. We use the latest technology to restore your property back to to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible in the event of a Fire or flood.

Our operatives are professionally trained in Fire Damage Pre-inspection and trained, skilled & experienced in a variety of specialist techniques & approaches to Fire Restoration and the remediation of fire damaged items. We can often restore the most unlikely of items including clothing, antiques, personal paperwork and many more delicate items, usually exceeding our clients' expectations.

At Pinnacle Cleaning we fully understand the disruption and the distress that can be caused by flood damage. We use the combination of our high levels of experience, our established procedures and we use the leading industry technologies to ensure that we provide our customers with a fast and efficient service to ensure that their property is restored in the shortest amount of time possible.

At Pinnacle Cleaning Services as part of our range of Commercial Cleaning Bristol Services we provide an Emergency Infection Control Service to Businesses across Bristol. Our Infection Control Specialist can help in the event of an Infection Control Outbreak Situation or as and Infection Control Prevention Service to ensure that you follow the correct guidelines to provide your staff and customers with a safe and healthy work environment for your staff and customers.

Our highly trained Infection Control Specialists have a wealth of knowledge in Infection Control Outbreak situations and We use our proven procedures, the most effective chemicals and the latest industry technologies to quickly and safely remove harmful bacteria and stop the spread of dangerous infections and viruses.

As part of our service we carry out a full assessment which looks at potential areas of your business premises where harmful bacteria can accumulate including, ductwork and ventilation systems, desktops, work surfaces, door handles, light switches, computers and equipment, tables, chairs and much more.

In the event of an Infection Control outbreak we use our Fogging Disinfection Service to Fully Disinfect the surfaces and air of your premises.

The Fogging technology that we use will disperse micro droplets of disinfection into the air to help fully disinfect both the surface and air of your commercial premises or property. Using the latest Fogging Disinfection Technology allows us to reach and disinfect areas of your workplace that are not possible through manual deep cleaning methods.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic our Covid 19 Fogging Bournemouth Service has become even more crucial for Businesses and Organisations and we have provided our services both as preventative measures to help prevent Covid-19 Outbreaks and a fully Emergency Service to fully Deep Clean Business premises and properties that have had positive cases.

Pinnacle Cleaning offer a quick and effective Graffiti Removal Service on a 24-Hour / 7 Day Call-Out basis. Our graffiti removal experts have worked with a number of clients including Local Councils, Housing Associations, Transport Companies, Shopping Centres and the general public for the treating and removal of graffiti on a wide range of surfaces including paint work,stone, brick work, glass, perspex and woodwork.

At Pinnacle Services we know that the main concern of our clients is that the graffiti is removed as quickly and effectively as possible.The longer that graffiti is left untreated the more risk there is of further graffiti attack

At Pinnacle Cleaning we realise that sometimes your commercial premises or the Business environment that you work in may mean that you may require a Deeper Clean than normal for this reason our highly experienced cleaning techicians provide a specialist range of Deep Cleaning Services tailored around the needs of your business. We provide this service to a full range of businesses including GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Dental Practices, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and many more.

Our Deep Cleaning Procedures always follow 3 key stages of the decontamination process – Clean (removal of food source for bacteria) – Disinfect (eliminate all remaining bacteria & viruses) – Sterilise (making a safe Environment for all).

At Pinnacle Cleaning our highly trained Sharps Removal Experts provide a fully dedicated Sharps Removal & Needle Sweeps Service for the safe removal of dangerous needles, syringes, razors, razor blades, knives and much more. After removal we fully decontaminate the area leaving you with a clean and safe environment.

It is crucial that any discarded sharps are reported immediately and are then removed and disposed of by a fully trained professional. It is vitally important that Sharps are disposed of in the right way and not in public bins or in household waste due to the high infection risks involved.

Our highly trained team remove all sharps safely and adhere to all of the current health and safety regulations. As part of our service after removal we will fully decontaminate and clean the effected area to help eliminate any further risk of health hazards.

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