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At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services we have over 20 years experience of providing our Specialist Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service to a wide range of commercial customers including Restaurants, Takeaways, Public Houses, Schools and many more .

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Air Hygiene Testing Services

We also provide a complete Air Hygiene Testing Service through our partner company Essential Risk Assessments(ERA). Essential Risk Assessments provide a specialist Risk Assessment and Testing Service for both Kitchen Extract Systems and Heating Ventilation And Cooling Systems(HVAC). Essential Risk Assessments provide a full Air Hygiene Testing Service across London, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the UK.

The Air Hygiene Service provided by Essential Risk Assessments have become even more important due to recent legislations which has brought in tighter controls on both public welfare and public safety, as a result of these changes building managers and facilities managers are having to arrange for Hygiene Risk Assessments and risk assessments of the working order of both Kitchen Extraxct Systems and HVAC Systems to be carried out. The Air Hygiene Testing Service provided by V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED is used by a wide range of businesses including restaraunts, leisure centres, hotels, schools and councils.

As part of the Essential Risk Assessments Air Hygiene Testing Service, they use the latest industry technologies available to enable them to provide the most efficient testing service possible. One of the technologies used is the Rapid Risk Assessment And Monitoring System (RRAMS). The RRAMS software doesn't just provide a highly effective risk assessment by flagging up areas that urgently need to be cleaned, it can also save companies money by reducing the cost of unnecessary cleaning throughout the whole system.

Essential Risk Assessment's qualified risk assessors will start their risk assessment by carrying out a full visual inspection of the ductwork. Their assessors will carry out a thorough risk assessment and survey of all parts of HVAC units both internal and external. They will then carry out the industry recognised Finnish Vaccum Test to ascertain the level of dust that is present in the ducting. and all the recorded images are then uploaded straight away through your RRAMS software. After ascertaining the level of dust in the system, their assessors will then carry out a Difco Hycheck test throughout the ducting system to check for traces of fungi and bacteria. Once these tests are complete all results are then recorded as part of your Rapid Risk Assessment and Monitoring System.

Essential Risk Assessments assessors use a different testing procedure as part of their Kitchen Extract Systems Testing Service because over time both grease and carbon can build up and become a major fire risk if these substances aren't removed. As part of the Kitchen Extract Systems risk assessment ERA assessors will carry out a full visual survey of all surfaces, then they will use endoscope cameras to view internal surfaces and record still images of any grease or carbon that has developed in the ductwork over time.

The next part of the risk assessment procedure is the Wet Film Thickness test which is used to ascertain the amount of grease that is in the duct system. ERA assessors will then carry out assessments for the workings of all the components of the Kitchen Extract System as their working capability can be reduced if they are clogged up with grease. Essential Risk Assessments are insurance company compliant and provide a Rapid Risk Assessment And Monitoring System including visual and photographic evidence. Once risk assessments are carried out we can provide you with method statements detailing how the deep cleaning must be carried out and exactly what needs to be cleaned.

In 2012 Pinnacle Cleaning Services working with their partner company Essential Risk Assessments established their new dedicated Air Hygiene Testing Service for London. We provide this dedicated service to a wide range of businesses including restaraunts, leisure centres, hotels, schools and councils. To see full details of our London Air Hygiene Testing Service Click Here