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At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services we work with our Dedicated Ductwork Cleaning Divsion to provide a Specialist Air Hygiene Testing Service to a wide range of businesses across London, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the UK.

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Air Hygiene Services

At Pinnacle Cleaning Services we provide a full Heating ,Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Cleaning Service through our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division. Through our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division we provide a professional and reliable HVAC Cleaning Service across London, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the UK.

The HVAC Cleaning Service that we provide has become even more important due to recent legislation changes. As a result of these recent changes many Insurance companies now require companies to have regular cleaning programs in place and for hygiene tests to be carried out on there Heating,Ventilation and Cooling systems by qualifield contractors. We provide an insurance company compliant HVAC Cleaning Service and adhere to the latest industry standards and legislations. We believe that a regular cleaning program for your Hvacs Systems is essential in order to maintain a healthy working environment in the workplace.

The absence of a regular cleaning program can lead to an accumulation of dust which is caused by the build up of broken skin,hair and vermin droppings, and this can become a food source for micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. The removal of this harmful dust is becoming a must have service for companies in order to maintain a healthy working environment for both staff and clients.

If bacteria and fungi is left untreated it can spread and cost businesses thousands of pounds in lost revenue with sick pay,agency staff and the cost of overtime to cope with staff absenteeism. Our Duct Cleaning technicians will carry out a thorough clean of all of the components of the HVAC air supply system including air handling units, chiller units, ducting,volume control dampers,grilles,opposing blade dampers and diffusers. All of these components are cleaned thoroughly to remove all potentially harmful dust.

We provide a fully audited HVAC Cleaning Service which includes - visual and photographic evidence,risk assessments, COSHH assessments, daily work sheets and completion forms. Our Duct Cleaning Division offer a recognised certificate of completion for all works carried out.

In 2012 our Specialist Duct Cleaning Divsion established their new dedicated HVAC Cleaning Service for London. We provide this decidcated service to a wide range of businesses including Restaurants,Hotels and office based businesses throughout London. To see full details of our Duct Cleaning London Service click here.

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